The Scary Monster

Artist: Boy, age 11
Title: “The Scary Monster”
Topic for this session: Scary bad things in two colors.

Khalid recalls: all his friends say something nice about him, that he helps people. He offers friends food, or anything they need. He jokes with his friends. Sometimes during the activity he forgets himself and starts to sing. He is a very natural, grounded personality, very instinctual. He does things without thinking. When asked about the painting, he said it is about nothing, he said, I means nothing.

He said, black is for scariness, and red is for blood.
Ezgi asked, is this a painting of a monster? The boy said, yes.
Ezgi said, let’s talk with this monster. What you want to say to him? The boy said, I am not afraid of you.
Ezgi said, what did the monster say to you?The boy said, the monster says, no, you are afraid of me.
Answer him, Ezgi said.
The boy said a loud, laughing voice, I am not afraid of you!
Khalid said, when you’re laughing he won’t take you seriously. Say what you mean. So the boy said, using an Arabic expression, I will curse your father if you hurt me!

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