Privacy Policy

The Inside-Outside app is not designed to collect information from children under 13 years old (covered by COPPA) but from their parent/guardian using email. Even so, we wanted to be clear about how we use the information we might get.

The information we collect from the email the app creates is not identifying information. We designed the system that way on purpose. However, we are aware the email will contain the sender’s email address.

The app allows anyone who can use email on the device (the iPad) to submit drawn pictures via email, along with a first name, age, and city of residence.

The person collecting the information created using the app is David Gross, the co-creator of the Inside-Outside project. You can reach him at

The information contained in the email, meaning only the information created using the app, and NOT including email or email signatures, may used in future publications by David Gross, including websites and electronic books. The information will not be used for any commercial purpose.

However, the email address of the message may be collected and used to send messages related to the Inside-Outside project, the app, or to similar publication by David Gross and the Inside-Outside project. The email will NOT be used for any other purpose, not given to anyone else.

A parent or guardian may contact David Gross at any time, and may request all information connected to the email address used to make the request. We will honor any request by anyone to delete all information related to the email address of the request. That is, if you want to ask about a given email address, send your request from that address.

If you have any questions, please contact David Gross at, or use the contact form on this website.

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