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David Gross is drawn to stories of human culture on the edges of civilization, from war to wildfire. There is something about growing up in the suburbs, nurtured on stories of the jungles of Borneo (where he was born), that made him abandon reason and ride behind the Wehrmacht on way into Kosovo, his first taste of post-war. His work alongside the U.N. war crimes investigators drew him to learn more about war crimes, crimes against humanity, and finally the identification of victims of mass murder and disaster. After returning from Istanbul to the U.S. in 2007, he has worked with an Innocence Project team, photographed and reported on Forest Service wildland firefighters in California, and was the first journalist to live with the young men at the last of California’s wildland firefighting training camps for violent youth offenders.

He has exhibited photographs in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, and the U.S., and his collection of Kosovo pictures earned him a World Press Photo award in 2003.

David loves photography, sound, and graphic design, and his custom multimedia book publishing platform is designed to allow him to achieve his goals of creating and distributing stories that use all three media.

He is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s graduate School of Journalism, where he studied print reporting, radio, and photojournalism, with extra studies at the Human Rights Center in war, post-conflict, and international human rights. He has published in various European and American magazines and newspapers. His professional skills include computer programming, graphic design, web design and art direction.

David is a former philosophy student, which says it all.

Mieke Strand is a photographer who specializes in documentary photography and portraiture. In her photographic work for NGO’s and non-profit organizations, Mieke has worked in locations ranging from her current home base outside San Francisco, to the heart of Botswana, in sub-Saharan Africa. Much of her work to-date has been for children’s organizations, which allows her to explore the subtle similarities of childhood across cultural boundaries. She strives to represent the hope, progress, and success of NGO projects, both here in the U.S. and abroad.

Mieke studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design while completing a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Visual Arts at Brown University. In addition, she holds Master’s degrees in both Art History (UCSB) and Architecture (UC-Berkeley). She also has experience teaching art to high school students.


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