More Art Online

In my research for the right online archive, I have uploaded some of the art from The Berkeley School in California, and al-Bashayer in Antakya, Turkey. The pictures look great, and Photoshelter does have search features. You can see the pictures at, one of my personal websites. Click on the “Artivism” link on the right (not the top!).

However, the problem is recording information about the drawings in a useful way. For example, the kids at The Berkeley School made their most revent artwork in response to drawings from the kids at al-Bashayer. How should I record that information? There is no standard way to do this.
I have put some of this information in unused data fields. This allows me to store the information, but it will confusing in the long run.

So, if anyone has a suggestion for a platform for storing these pictures online, let me know.

– David

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